Vodafone launch Mifi hotspot device for mobile broadband users

Vodafone mifi hotspot deviceVodafone mobile unveiled its plans to launch wi-fi based mobile hotspot device which will be initially available in Germany, Romania and Spain. Novatel MiFi 2352, the new proposed device can connect five wi-fi enbaled devices like laptops and game consoles and share a 3G mobile broadband connection provided by Vodafone.

With the new device used just like a wi-fi hot spot, Vodafone mobile broadband customers can setup these devices withing 10 metre radius and access mobile internet broadband, it was reported.

Novatel MiFi 2352 is a product from Novatel Wireless and comes with built-in batteries that help you use the device outdoors for more than four hours. However, Vodafone’s new mobile broadband service would not be available for UK customers immediately.

3G Mobile operator Vodafone’s Mobile broadband director, Huw Medcraft said:

“The Vodafone Mobile Broadband Hotspot offers mobile professionals, students and families a one-touch connectivity solution that turns Wi-Fi enabled devices such as MP3 players and laptops into connected mobile internet devices.”

“This product brings even more flexibility to our customers, and ensures that Vodafone’s market leading mobile broadband can be rolled out to even more devices to give customers greater convenience.”

It should be noted that 3 Mobile UK has also launched wireless hotspot device for its mobile broadband customers to share its broadband service.


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Orange 3G mobile offer free vouchers to students

Orange Mobile broadband ISP will offer free vouchers worth £20 to students take any of its mobile broadband packages, it was reported.

According to the special offer, the laptop offers and broadband dongle only offers will give away free free vouchers to the students who will need to sign up for the packages for 24 month contract before 31 October.

Here are the details of mobile broadband deals from Orange.

Orange Mobile broadband with Toshiba L300 and the Compaq Mini 110 laptop will cost £24.47 per month.

Orange 3G mobile broadband offers with dongle will cost £9.79 per month.

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T-Mobile to offer 30 days free broadband

UK Mobile broadband provider, T-Mobile has launched 30 days free mobile broadband for its new customers who sign up with its Pay per day broadband plans.

For the new T-mobile broadband cusotmers, the USB dongle will come for an one-off cost of £19.56 and the subscribers will get intial 2GB data usage for £10. Once this data limit is crossed, customrs would have to pay £2 per day under this plan.

One of the top 3G mobile broadband service providers in UK, T-mobile was recently named the best mobile broadband ISP Yougov research firm in its UK mobile broadband survey. T-Mobile offered the best speeds, customer service and billing convenience features, according to customer satisfaction report.

It should be noted that T-mobile is also due to launch its new broadband service ‘Mi-fi’ which will use wi-fi router to connect multiple devices to the 3G mobile broadban network. Details of launch and price of this offer has already been announced by T-Mobile broadband service provider a couple of days ago.

T-Mobile recently topped in eight out of 15 categories in the YouGov Mobile broadband survey such as value for money, download speed, upload speed, consumer service and easy billing and received honours as the best mobile broadband provider in UK.

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3 Mobile broadband offers price and plan details of its mi-fi broadband service

UK mobile broadband provider, Three (3) has unveiled more details about its forthcoming mobile broadband service using wi-fi router called ‘Mi-fi’. In the first week of August, the mobile ISP announced its plans to launch this wi-fi service, however the price details and date of launch were yet to be announced.

According to the statement from 3 Mobile ISP, the new wi-fi device will be available in telesales on 17th September and will go for sales via 3 Mobile UK stores on 18th September.

What is mi-fi router?

It is a compact sized wi-fi router that works in 3 Mobile networks. This wireless router will pick up 3 Mobile broadband signals and send them to other devices that are connect to this device. The new device does not need USB slot or cables to connect your lap top or mobile hand set to use mobile broadband service from 3 mobile broadband networks. You just need to insert the SIM to the modem and switch it on and there is no installation CD needed to activate the account.


There are two plans for the users of Mi-fi device:

  1. For one month contract and 5GB monthly download allowance, you would pay £15 a month, while you would pay £69.99 for wireless modem.
  2. In the second PAYG broadband option, you would take the service for one-off cost of £99.99. This plan offers 3GB usage which you can use for three months and you can buy top-up usage later.

Marc Allera, Sales and Marketing Director at 3 Mobile UK said:

“Mobile Wi-Fi is the future of internet access on the move and we’re bringing it to customers at price points that make it accessible and affordable. It’s the perfect gift for people after genuine wireless internet access on the go to complement the laptops and iPod touchs that will undoubtedly make their way onto Christmas lists across the UK this December.”

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T-Mobile UK ranks 1st in YouGov mobile broadband survey

The latest survey report from YouGov research firm has found T-Mobile Mobile broadband provider offering the best service in UK. The mobile broadband ISP ranked first in 8 out of 15 categories.

YouGov has conducted the survey in July using a large group of 2068 mobile broadband users to find out the best 3G mobile broadband service provider in UK. The respondents voted T-mobile provider that helped the ISP top in important categories like  cost vs data usage (best value), consumer service, billing, download and upload speeds, ease of use and installation.

UK’s top 3G mobile broadband provider, T-mobile offers various broadband deals with 4.5Mbps download speeds allowing the customers to take the packages in monthly contracts or Pay As You Go broadband options.

Steve Mitchell, the Head of post-pay marketing for T-Mobile UK, said:

“Our sustained success in what is probably the UK’s most comprehensive and regular sampling of mobile broadband customer satisfaction, shows that customers rate us highly for value for money and levels of service.”

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Vodafone UK upgrades mobile broadband speeds

Vodafone UK, the mobile broadband ISP has upgraded the download speeds to 14.4 Mbps on its 3G mobile broadband networks, according to a report.

Here are the details on the upgrade in a statement from Vodafone mobile broadband provider UK.

“Whilst 14.4 Mbps is the theoretical peak rate, customers can expect to see typical speeds of anything between 1 and 4 Mbps with a practical maximum speed of 10.8 Mbps,”

This means, the maximum speeds that a user can get from 3G broadband upgrade, will change according to the the coverage and mobile broadband traffic factors. If you live in areas where signals are strong, you are likely to get the best speeds on the upgrade. Likewise, the number of people who share the mobile broadband network on a given time will also impact the speeds.

3G broabdand networks will continue to get more traffic as people acces mobile broadband internet for their heavy needs like watching video clips or accessing social networking sites like Facebook regularly, it was stated.

Jeni Mundy, Chief technology officer at Vodafone UK  said:

“Customers trust us to deliver a mobile network that they can rely on – wherever they are and whether they are individuals, or a small, medium or large business,” 

“Today’s network upgrade means customers can be reassured we’re consistently enhancing the quality of our network in response to demand.”

Vodafone mobile ISP says most of their customers (80%) will be able to use the upgrade on their 3G mobile network and get better mobile broadband speeds with their existing devices. However, a few users may need to upgrade their data cards or USB donge mobile broadband components to get the best out the recent speed upgrade.

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New mobobile broadband service ‘Mi-fi’ to be launched by 3 mobile

A new kind of wireless broadband (wi-fi) service is to be launched by 3 (Three) UK mobile broadband provider. The new service called Mifi will use a new wireless modem that can connect many wireless communication devices to mobile internet. The new wireless modem will be handy and compact in design.

 Marketing Director at Three (3) mobile UK,  Marc Allera, Sales said:

“There are millions of Wi-Fi devices out there, but they can only be used in fixed locations. Consumer demand for easy and affordable internet access on the go is growing fast and we’re responding to that by announcing the UK’s first wireless modem.

Wireless Modem for 3 Mobile broadband users

Wireless Modem for 3 Mobile broadband users

Using Mobile Wi-Fi from 3, consumers can connect to the internet wherever they have a 3 signal, whether at home or on the move. They can download a track onto their iPod touch, or tweet their latest updates to their mates, or both. Either way it’s simple to set-up, without the need for wires.”

The new device does not require USB slot, which is often needed for the mobile broadband cutomers to go mobile. With new Mi-fi mobile broabdand service from 3 provider, the users neither need wires & cables or USB.

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